ELF Newsletter: April 2018

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April 17, 2018
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May 9, 2018
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This month’s newsletter was focused on Distracted Driving Awareness!

Giving into distractions while driving, even for a mere second, can be fatal.  April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and The Embry Law Firm, LLC is committed to helping drivers drive free of distractions.  Almost everyone has been guilty of distracted driving at some point.

Here are some tips and facts to keep in mind to reduce Distracted Driving:

1. Use an app to automatically turn off your messaging while driving.  For example, iPhone’s have a Do Not Disturb feature that mutes notifications while driving.  Cellcontrol, Drive Safe Mode and Live2Txt are also a  few apps that allow you to block incoming texts and calls while driving – use them!

Read more tips and facts here.

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