ELF Newsletter: May 2017

Embry Insights: “How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?…”
May 17, 2017
Embry Insights: “Should I Talk To The Other Party’s Insurance Company…”
June 28, 2017
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The Embry Law Firm Celebrates Its Anniversary!

In the midst of graduation season, we are celebrating and reflecting on our success over the past year. I remember being a recent graduate who was hungry to be a change agent in my local community and on national platforms. As we experience transformation and innovation it is an exciting time to practice law, to work for the public interest, and to be entering the field of law. The uncertainty, eagerness, and excitement that you feel as a recent graduate only continues to grow with each year. Being an attorney requires an extraordinary commitment and although you never know the outcomes of your clients’ cases you continue to go above and beyond and working for the greater good of all people. As attorneys it is our job to evolve with the world, to find unconventional ways to solve problems and to continue to discover, uncover, and stand for the truths that protect the communities, cities, counties, states and the nation that we all call home. At The Embry Law Firm we are willing to evolve, as we have launched a new Assisted Reproductive Technology practice area this year! We have helped to change the lives of families forever, through the process of successful adoption and we have created an office culture that welcomes our clients and reinforces their trust in our business and our work. We are happy to stand on these truths as a firm and to continue to “protect your interest with sincerity and integrity.” Thank you for your support of our firm as we are excited for the years to come.


Bethaney Embry Jones


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