ELF Newsletter: May 2018

Embry Insights: “I was just involved in an accident and sustained injuries…”
May 9, 2018
ELF Newsletter: June 2018
July 7, 2018
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This month’s newsletter was focused on Teen Driving Safety!

Teens are a vulnerable population when it comes to driving- as car crashes are the biggest killer of young adults. While these numbers had been decreasing for the last decade, there is now a significant uptick nationwide and at home, especially in Georgia. To combat this, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, CapTech and Shepherd Center have developed a mobile app that is free to download both state-wide and nationally. The app is geared towards parents of new drivers and guides them through exactly how to teach their teen how to drive.

While it varies by state, 40 hours of supervised driving is mandated for teens to obtain their license in Georgia. This is often a fraught time for both parents and teens, as rarely are parents trained to actually teach their teens to safely operate and maintain an automobile.

Read more here.

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