ELF Newsletter: November 2017

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December 12, 2017
ELF Newsletter: December 2017
January 17, 2018
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This month’s newsletter spotlighted Holiday Travel sharing “6 Tips To Protect Your Interest This Season.” 

“The holidays are a popular time for traveling. However, the wintery weather and extensive travel time can present certain safety hazards that you should be aware of before taking your trip. Here are 6 tips for safe holiday travels to consider while planning your trip this year.

1. Prepare your home for optimum safety while you’re away.
If you have a security system installed in your home, ensure that it is working properly, including all alarms, motion detectors, cameras and other monitoring equipment. Check with your alarm monitoring company for any last-minute safety tips for your security system. Have someone check on your home periodically while you are away, especially if you are leaving on a long trip.”

To read the rest of this article click here.

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