Georgia Zantac Lawyer

Georgia Zantac Lawyer

The recent discovery of a probable human carcinogen has led to the removal of Zantac (ranitidine) from the market. With more than 15 million prescriptions written each year, and millions of other patients buying Zantac and ranitidine over the counter (OTC), the FDA’s decision to pull the products from the market was a major one.

If you have regularly taken Zantac or ranitidine and have developed cancer, contact The Embry Law Firm. Our Georgia Zantac lawyer is currently reviewing cases related to Zantac, NDMA, and cancer. Below, we will attempt to answer some of your most pressing questions about Zantac.

If you have questions about Zantac or ranitidine and your health, contact us to learn more.

Why Was Zantac Pulled from the Market?

Third-party testing in 2019 revealed that Zantac and ranitidine products contain high levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This substance has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a probable human carcinogen, meaning that the substance may cause cancer.

Third-party testing in 2019 showed levels of NDMA higher than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) acceptable daily intake level. The FDA recommends that humans consume no more than 96 nanograms (ng) of NDMA each day. During third-party testing, Zantac and ranitidine products contained as much as 3 million ng per tablet.

This extremely high level is especially concerning because many people take prescription-strength Zantac or ranitidine, or take daily doses. This means that exposure to high levels of NDMA is more likely. Similarly, it is more likely that patients have been exposed to NDMA over time.

Is there a Link Between Zantac and Cancer?

Studies in animals have shown that exposure to high, concentrated, or consistent doses of NDMA increased the risk of tumors developing in those animals. Studies also show that NDMA has a negative general impact on health. Health effects and cancer-related to Zantac and ranitidine most likely occur in the:

If you have a history of Zantac or ranitidine use and have been diagnosed with cancer in any of these areas, contact The Embry Law Firm right away. Numerous Zantac lawsuits have already been filed. Plaintiffs just like you are demanding justice against pharmaceutical companies who allowed them to be harmed.

Some evidence suggests that pharmaceutical companies have known about the risks of NDMA for years but failed to make sure that their products were safe. Lawsuits claim that patients were not warned about the risk of NDMA and cancer related to Zantac and ranitidine.

Do I Have a Zantac Lawsuit?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and have a history of taking Zantac or ranitidine, you may have grounds to file a Georgia Zantac lawsuit. The basis of Zantac lawsuits is that the product did not contain a warning about NDMA and cancer risk. Therefore, patients and doctors did not know there was a risk. Had the patient and/or doctor been aware of the risk, they may have chosen a different medication and, consequently, would not be dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

If your cancer is related to Zantac or ranitidine use, then you may be eligible for compensation. At The Embry Law Firm, we can help you build a case and pursue compensation for:

There are already numerous lawsuits pending against major pharmaceutical companies like:

Free Consultation with a Georgia Zantac Lawyer

Contact the Georgia Zantac lawyer at The Embry Law Firm to find out if you qualify to file a Zantac lawsuit. We offer every potential client a free consultation. If you have grounds to file a lawsuit, we will help you build your case and pursue the compensation that you need and deserve.


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