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Premises Liability Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

Did you know that property owners in Carrollton have a legal duty to ensure that their properties are safe for anyone lawfully visiting? That means if someone get hurt while on a public, private, business, or residential property due to a defect or dangerous situation, the property owner can be held liable.

At The Embry Law Firm, we have helped numerous clients injured while on someone else’s property. Our premises liability lawyer in Carrollton has helped clients with cases involving:

If you have been injured on someone else’s property and you believe the property owner is responsible, contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Common Premises Liability Injuries

People who are injured as a result of a dangerous or defective property suffer a wide variety of injuries. These injuries are both physical and emotional. Common physical injuries reported in premises liability claims include:

In addition to the physical injuries, victims of premises liability accidents may also experience emotional injuries. These injuries can result from the trauma of the accident, the severity of the injury, or the aftermath and prognosis.

Who is Liable for Premises Liability Injuries?

Property owners are liable for injuries that occur on their property. However, it is the victim’s responsibility to prove that their injuries are the result of negligence. That means you must prove that the property owner failed to use reasonable care in their management or maintenance of the property. To prove negligence, you must prove:

If you can successfully prove these elements of your claim, then you can hold the property owner liable for your injuries and pursue compensation.

Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer in Carrollton

If you are suffering from an injury that occurred on someone else’s property, it is natural and reasonable to want to hold the property owner accountable. At The Embry Law Firm, we help you do just that. Our passion is helping injured victims recover – physically and financially. We have experience handling premises liability claims in Carrollton and throughout the Metro Atlanta area.
To find out how we can help you, contact us today. When you call us, you have access to a free consultation with our premises liability lawyer in Carrollton. You are under no obligation and have nothing to lose by exploring your legal rights.


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