Car Accident Lawyer in Bremen, GA

Car accidents are becoming more common in Bremen as the school system and city continue to expand. Our location along Interstate 20 also continues to drive traffic through our city. Unfortunately, that makes our roadways more dangerous for drivers.

Car accidents in Bremen occur for all sorts of reasons, including (but certainly not limited to) speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving. These are all senseless and preventable causes of injury and death.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Bremen, contact The Embry Law Firm. Our car accident lawyer in Bremen will help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Bremen

Car accidents can certainly happen due to forces outside of any driver’s control – weather, roadway hazards, etc. However, the vast majority of car accidents are due to driver error. Some of the most common causes of accidents include:

What to Do After a Car Accident

No matter what the cause or how serious the accident is, there are some things that you should always do after a car accident in Bremen. We recommend the following:

Why Call The Embry Law Firm

If you have been injured in a car accident in Bremen, The Embry Law Firm wants to help you! Our team can help you investigate the circumstances of your accident and determine if you are eligible for compensation. If so, we will aggressively fight for your rights and the justice you deserve.


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